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Owens & Minor's end-to-end
inventory management program


Right size your on-hand inventory. Reduce waste. Improve utilization through powerful analytics. Unlock the true value of your supply chain through Owens & Minor's Inventory Solutions suite of services.

Owens & Minor's Inventory Solutions uses a holistic approach to manage your PAR areas and your perpetual inventory locations. Align your product supply with demand by utilizing industry-proven inventory management services.


Owens & Minor's Physical Valuation Services provides an accurate cost-effective alternative to your fiscal year end physical inventory counting requirements. Owens & Minor has chosen to partner with leading companies Z5Health and Data Solutions Corporation.

Gain a guaranteed 5% savings when utilizing Owens & Minor's resource management service to manage your wound closure inventory. Benefits include multi-year savings, on-site experienced resources, expedited product shipping and returns, and powerful analytics.

QSIGHT℠ provides total inventory control. QSIGHT℠ is easy to use, web-based application with barcode scanner that connects to a database of over 400,000 SKUs. It streamlines ordering, improves charge capture and supply utilization. Over 400 departments use QSIGHT℠.


Owens & Minor's proven, RFID-enabled enclosures automatically track and monitor your high-end, expensive perpetual inventory in real-time, 24/7. Enjoy all of the benefits of QSIGHT℠ Perpetual Inventory Management along with RFID capabilities to enable real-time information flow. QSIGHT℠ RFID offers a variety of different sizes and temperature capabilities that are commercial proven and regulatory compliant.

QSIGHT℠ Kanban powered by BlueBin Inc., is a visual replenishment system that ensures supplies are correctly restocked. Owens & Minor's proven expertise in inventory management and BlueBin Inc.'s powerful visual replenishment system and technology has combined to create an industry-leading PAR management system.

Standardize and save with Owens & Minor's Implant Purchase Management. Hospitals can lose up to 3% of supply spend through manual-entry bill only transactions. Our proven technology will simplify your bill only processes and remove human error so you can recoup your appropriate savings.


What is QSIGHT℠ ?

QSIGHT℠ is a web-based clinical inventory management system which will:

  • Make inventory management easier for your entire staff
  • Save money by lowering annual inventory spending
  • Minimize expiration and reduce inventory on the shelf
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